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Retail Cash Register
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Restaurant Pro Express
Increase your profits with a Retail Point of Sale System!

Cash Register Express (CRE) is a cost-effective, computerized cash register that helps you increase efficiency and accuracy, lower operating costs and manage your inventory by reducing theft. This easy-to-use retail point of sale system allows you to maintain one database for all transactions and inventory no matter what kind of business you run.


Easy to use
  • Intuitive navigation
    • Fast lookups by barcode or name
    • Built-in help system
  • Bar-code ready
  • Credit card processing with IC Verify
  • Built-in backup

Salesperson tracking

  • Time clock
  • Handles multiple clerks
  • Handles multiple cash drawers
  • Password protection

Broad compatibility

  • Microsoft Access compatible
  • Quickbooks compatible


Helps manage customer accounts
  • Detailed customer history
  • Customer quick search
  • Promotions for preferred customers
  • Family memberships
  • Coupon plans
  • Gift certificates
  • Mailing labels

Management flexibility

  • Flexible pricing
  • Flexible taxing

Sophisticated reporting

  • Detailed inventory reports
  • Management reports
  • Financial summaries



More Features for Retail Cash Register :

  • 32 - Bit Processing
  • Easy Navigation
  • Fast Lookups by Barcode, Name
  • Built in Help System
  • Bar Code Ready
  • Fast Processing
  • Saleperson Tracking
  • Scale Interface
  • Works with Portable POS
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Microsoft Access Compatible
  • Time Clock
  • Detailed Tape Rental History
  • Detailed Customer History
  • Quickbooks Compatible
  • Invoices on Hold
  • Credit Card Processing with IC Verify
  • Sets Rental Due Dates
  • Built in Backup
  • Handles Multiple Clerks


  • Handles Multiple Cash Drawers
  • Family Memberships
  • Coupon Plans
  • Gift Certificates
  • Handles Customer Account
  • Friendly Printer setup
  • Freebies and Specials
  • Non-Video Sales
  • Customer Quick Search
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Prints Mailing Labels
  • Flexible Taxing
  • Password Protection
  • Detailed Inventory Reports
  • Movie Reports
  • Late, Rented Videos, Videos in Store
  • Management Reports
  • Promotions for Preferred Customers
  • Financial Summarie


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