Frequently Asked Questions about

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Q. What is a DVR?
A. A DVR is a Digital Video Recorder. The video is recorded and stored digitally on a hard drive unlike analog systems which store the video on VHS tapes.
Q. Why DVR?
A. With one DVR unit you no longer need to purchase time lapse recorders, motion detectors, quad processors, pan tilt zoom controllers or any other accesory replaced by the software of your DVR unit. You also eliminate the need of purchasing and archiving and endless stream of VHS tapes.
Q. Are DVRs dependable?
A. Absolutely! Unlike tape recorders which have many moving parts and are prone to multi mechanical failures, your DVR unit is a computer just like in your home of office. Also, when a power failure occurs, your DVR unit will automatically re-boot and continue to operate normally.
Q. What sets your company apart from all the others?
A. Two main things, Number one is hat we actually design our own system software which means we control the total system, we make it do what we want it to do, which means we can make it do what you need it to do. We don't just distribute someone else product. We build your custom DVR unit to your specs. Number two is 24 hr technical support. Not an answering service, not an E-Mail, but a direct line for your immediate service. You can talk to us!
Q. Do you offer software upgrades to existing clients?
A. Yes we do. As we upgrade our products software and it will be made available to all clients, GUARANTED!!

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