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  All new system architecture built for the 21st century.
  NECís legendary reliability and quality standards are evident in the DS1000/2000 innovative 32-bit architecture. This new concept features Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Technology, on-board flash memory, and field software upgradeability. The compact DS1000 starts with 3 lines, 8 stations, and 4 analog ports. It expands to 6 lines, 16 stations, and 8 analog ports just by plugging in a single expansion board. The basic DS2000 system is available with 4 slots and 48 ports. It is easily expandable to 8 slots and 104 ports by upgrading to a 104 port cabinet. You can grow the system as you grow your business ó while keeping your initial installation investment in common equipment intact.

All this new technology does not come at the expense of easy installation! Easily wall-mountable cabinets, removable access covers, and simplified one-pair wiring mean your initial installation and future add-ons will be quick and economical.
  Integrating NECís renowned power features Ė retooled for the office of the future.
  The power features first introduced a decade ago in the legendary DS01 have since become the industry standard. DS1000/2000 builds on this base with its totally revamped and redesigned feature set that further enhances the ease-of-use in its digital predecessor. DS1000/2000 brings a new level of speed and sophistication to the features youíve come to expect from an NEC phone system.

Busy offices can always keep pace with productivity features like Caller ID (with logging), Last Number Redial, Speed Dial and Hotline. Getting through to busy co-workers is never a problem thanks to extensively redeveloped Call Waiting, Voice Over, Reverse Voice Over and Off-Hook Signaling.

Larger firms have a bevy of workgroup features from which to choose, such as Call Coverage on any phone, Extension Hunting, Group Call Pickup and multi-party Conference. As the demands on the phone system increase, DS1000/2000 is right there with advanced features like full NVM-Series Voice Mail Integration (highlighted by Park and Page, Conversation Record and Answering Machine Emulation).